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Jm Transport Llc Provides Transportation, Distribution, And Logistics Services With An Expertise In Site Preparation Contractors, Construction, Sand And Gravel Mining, Specialized Freight, And General Freight Trucking (Local). Jmt Utilizes Heavy Machinery And Equipment To Facilitate Operations And Meet The Needs Of Clients. We Aim To Make A Significant Contribution In The Construction And Transportation Industry By Implementing Innovative Solutions That Benefit Our Clients And Partners.

Core Values


We assess and manage risks associated with safety and security in accordance with

established personal and jobsite safety practices, and in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, and small business health and safety policies.

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We treat others with honesty, fairness, and respect and make decisions that are

objective and reflect the just treatment of others. We abide by a strict code of ethics and behavior and perform workrelated duties according to laws, regulations, contract provisions, and policies.

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Customer Service

We develop constructive and cooperative client relationships by addressing their goals

professionally and promptly with personalized services, thorough explanations of accurate information, and by identifying and proposing appropriate solutions to meet their needs.

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Innovation and lifelong learning fuel our drive to be the fastest-growing small business in the

trucking industry. We actively pursue opportunities, feedback, and training to improve, develop and maintain knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to provide high quality services to a wide range of clients.

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Employee Centric

We empower our diverse wealth of perspectives with the support and resources necessary for

each team member to successfully thrive both professionally and as an individual. We value cultivating a professional experience that is beneficial for both the business and its employees as it is crucial to achieve positive results for clients and fundamental to growing as a business.

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Core Competencies

Efficiency and Effectiveness

JMT’s’ strong integrity and initiative, combined with our professionalism and interpersonal skills, enable us to work efficiently and effectively with diverse clients. JMT proudly establishes trust and credibility by consistently providing our partners with dependability, reliability, adaptability, and flexibility. We successfully accomplish work goals in accordance with laws, regulations, contract provisions, and policies.

Industry Knowledge

JMT’s mastery of industry knowledge makes our team adept at developing and implementing strategic solutions for our partners. JMT stays abreast of industry current information, news, developments, research, and critical issues at the local, regional, and international levels. We are proficient at identifying and exploiting new industry wide opportunities, staying informed about advances in technology and methods, and maintaining compliance with up-to-date regulations. Our industry mastery, paired with our unique understanding of the trucking industry, enables us to facilitate operations strategically, creatively, and with cohesive communication.

Industry-Wide Technical Competencies

JMT understands the fundamentals of the transportation, distribution, and logistics industry; including transportation modes, the industry’s key components, and the public and private organizations, systems, and infrastructure that support the industry. JMT’s implementation, management, and control of transportation systems is designed and developed by analyzing transportation operations and assessing infrastructure conditions to improve performance, quality, and service levels. We also provide expert mainte- nance and repair for transportation facilities, equipment, infrastructure, and systems.

Workplace Competencies

JMT’s Teamwork and Customer Focus are the pillars of our success. Our team exhibits tact and diplomacy and strives to build consensus. We professionally identify and propose appropriate solutions and/or services with prompt, efficient, and personalized assistance to meet each clients’ requirements, requests, and concerns. JMT’s expertise also includes proficiency in Planning and Organizing, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Working with tools and technology, Scheduling and Coordinating, Checking, Examining, and Recording, and Business Fundamentals. 

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